Fat Burning Super Pill
Makes Weight Loss Easy

Imagine losing up to 37% of your body fat in just a few short weeks... completely suppressing your appetite in 7-10 minutes... turning your body into a "fat evaporator" through the powerful heat cycling effects of thermogenesis... and adding a metabolic boost so dynamic that your body burns fat hour by hour, day by day, without any effort. That's what recent clinical trials proved the amazing "fat-burning" substances in Prescopodene could do.

The Science of Burning Fat Now Makes
Diets Obsolete

A real breakthrough in weight loss, Prescopodene contains ingredients that aid people in super high-speed weight loss by creating a condition called thermogenesis. This is the process of burning fat and converting it into energy through heat production. By doing this, Prescopodene ignites your body's kilojoule and fat burning ability into high gear, so you lose fat fast.

Increases Metabolism 97% And Burns An
Extra 2458 Kilojoules Daily

Not only will your body destroy fat through thermogenesis, but your metabolism will increase an extra 97%. Now your body will burn twice as many kilojoules and twice as much fat. That extra 97% could mean an extra 2458 kilojoules of pure fat burnt from your body... every day!

Hunger Eliminated In 7-10 Minutes

Yes, it's true. The powerful appetite suppressing ingredients are so powerful that within 7-10 minutes of taking Prescopodene your hunger pangs will be completely eliminated. They will completely disappear. No more hunger. No more starving sensations.

The combination of the 3 powerful fat melting catalysts of thermogenesis, appetite suppression and accelerated metabolism, makes it almost impossible to not lose weight. Because of this extraordinary discovery, it doesn't depend on severe dieting and doesn't need you to do hours of painful exercise. Weight loss has never been easier.

Burns Fat Like A Laser

With the medically proven, fat-burning substances in Prescopodene,
you can push your body's kilojoule-burning ability into high gear-

* Without missing your favourite foods!
* Without severe exercise!
* Without hunger and deprivation!

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Is This New Zealand's
Most Powerful Diet Pill?

You be the judge!
Take a look at the astonishing
results from the 6 month
Prescopodene Clinical Trial:

* Average Weight Loss of 13.5kg
* Average Body Fat Drop of 4.77%
* 1888 Less Kilojoules Consumed Daily
* 2458 Extra Kilojoules Burnt Daily

Lost 17 kilos

"At first I thought it wouldn't work for me, but 17kgs thinner I'm a big believer. My husband lost 15kgs! This product is a miracle"

Gina Q

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All Natural Prescopodene
Recommended By 125
Doctors, Nutritionists,
Scientists and Weight
Loss Professionals

Prescopodene is not a dangerous drug, unnatural chemical, or simple vitamin. Prescopodene contains highly researched, organically derived, all natural ingredients that have been scientifically studied for many years. The active ingredients in Prescopodene have proven to be a weight loss breakthrough. They have been used by doctors on people just like you with amazing results. Doctors and researchers confirm that these all natural ingredients are highly effective at fighting fat.

Dr. Robert Johnson, Ph.D. "After testing Prescopodene on patients at the Obesity Research Clinic I can unequivocally say that Prescopodene produced results 9 times greater than any other tested supplement. Over a 90 day testing period utilising Prescopodene on 297 patients, an average weight loss of 8 kilograms was recorded with the lowest weight loss measured 4.1 kilograms, and the highest 14.5 kilograms. I thoroughly recommend Prescopodene to anyone interested in losing weight quickly and safely."

And even though the ingredients in Prescopodene are recommended by doctors for superior weight loss, it does NOT require a prescription. This means you could be experiencing the full effects of Prescopodene and losing weight in as little as 48 hours after receiving your order. What's more, Prescopodene has been proven to:

  • Dramatically increase your metabolic rate and burn kilojoules
    (even when you are not exercising)
  • Provide powerful and fast appetite suppression
    (within 7-10 minutes of taking a pill)
  • Stimulate the rapid-fire burning of fat cells
  • Decrease body fat, not lean muscle
  • Contain all-natural ingredients - safer than prescription drugs
  • Provide a smooth energy increase to keep you going all day
  • Ignite rapid fat loss from multiple pathways
  • Permanently reduce the number of fat cells
  • Use a synergistic formula that flushes fat out of your body
  • Let you lose weight without severe diet or gruelling exercise
  • Create powerful fat burning thermogenesis to vanquish fat fast
  • Mobilise and burn fat from stubborn areas
    (hips, thighs, buttocks, and waist)

Prescopodene Clinical Trial:
Average Weight Loss: 13.5 Kgs

A study recently conducted at a
leading American Research Institute
provides factual proof of the
remarkable effectiveness of

Clinical Trial

Yes, Prescopodene is one of the most
effective weight loss supplements
available, and the clinical trials prove
it. Take a look at the results achieved
with Prescopodene in the most recent
6 month clinical trial:


Average weight loss of 13.5 Kilograms


Average body fat percentage dropped 4.77%


Average Kilojoule intake reduced 27% (That's 1888 kilojoules per day or 13,216 per week)


Metabolic rate increased a remarkable 97% meaning the body burns an extra 2458 kilojoules... daily!


1,570% less kilojoules consumed than Placebo


709% greater weight loss than placebo


Body fat percentage lowered 1,974% more than placebo

And these amazing results were achieved without diet or exercise. Yes, Prescopodene is one of the few dietary supplements that has been proven to work effectively in clinical trials to fight fat rapidly, safely and effectively.

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Shed Years Of Stubborn Fat

In addition to being successfully used by hundreds of thousands of people, the Prescopodene formula has an additional, very special benefit. It works extremely well for men and women who fall into that hard-to-lose category known as "low energy overweight and obese" individuals.

These people often feel sluggish, tired and depressed, like they are missing out on life. The ingredients in Prescopodene are the fat-attacking, energy boosting answer these people need to burn fat fast!

77% Surge In Energy Levels

Prescopodene isn't just an exceptional weight loss catalyst, it's also an incredible energy enhancer. Prescopodene provides rapid weight loss and extreme energy all in one power packed "super" pill. With an energy increase of up to 77% you'll have all the energy you'll ever need... day or night.

Automatic Weight Loss

The Prescopodene discovery is so outstanding that you will lose weight effortlessly and rapidly. Prescopodene works so fast that you will be able to measure the difference in your waistline within weeks. The proven fat-burning ingredients in Prescopodene work by themselves. You don't even need your willpower! Instead, Prescopodene is like a quiet, fat-attacking friend that works while you eat, sleep or relax.

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You're Guararanteed
To Lose Weight In
Under 30 Days Or
You Pay Absolutely

We want you to succeed and be slim. Now you can lose weight without the hardship of severe diet and hours of painful exercise. Remember, we are so confident about the fat burning effects of Prescopodene that we offer it Risk-Free for 30 days!

How Can We Be So Generous?

Easy - with an extremely high success rate we know it's almost impossible for you to not lose weight!

But, if you are unhappy or dissatisfied with Prescopodene for any reason, just return the empty containers (we would like you to use the entire supply to give yourself every chance for success) within 30 days with proof of payment. The full product price will be refunded.

Burn Twice The Fat In Half The Time
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Medical science has finally come to the rescue of people struggling with chronic, stubborn weight problems.

Prescopodene today means a slimmer body by tomorrow - without the struggle! Don't waste any more time. Order your supply of Prescopodene today and get ready for your new, beautiful body.

13 kilograms - 1 month

"This stuff really helps. I always feel a couple of kilos lighter in the morning than I do before I go to bed. I've lost about 13 kilograms in just over a month so this stuff is really doing its job. I just wish I had known about this a few years earlier when I went to my school reunion! Oh well, next time I'll be better prepared!"

Donna Hays

Doctor recommended

"I'm a doctor and I use it myself. Prescopodene really works, and works fast! I recommend it to all my patients who want to lose weight. I congratulate you on a superb product"

Dr G. Evans

22kgs - 8 Weeks

"After seeing your Television ad I thought to myself "I have to get that". Well I'm glad I did. The last 8 weeks have been a dream. I've been losing at least 2½kgs every single week. I don't like exercise and I don't like dieting, but the weight just falls off anyway - so far 21½kgs"

Abigail Wilson

Lost 25 kilograms - 3 months

"Unbelievable! I lost 25 kilograms in 3 months. Before I was depressed and didn't even want to leave the house. Not anymore, my attitude has changed and I am always ready to party! Prescopodene has really changed my life"

Mark Edwards

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Lost 3kgs over Easter

"I even lost 3kgs over Easter! Man, how good is that!"

Jeff Barker

Lost 25kgs

"Even my doctor was amazed! I've already told 4 of my friends about Prescopodene and they have ordered also"

Jess Muire

Lost 20kgs

"After seeing my husband lose almost 25kgs on Prescopodene I decided I needed to get it for myself. I'm happy to say it worked just as well for me. I lost 20kgs, so not quite as much, but I'm back to the weight I was when I was a teenager!"

Son loses 26 kilograms

"My son who has always been obese lost 26 kilograms. I was so happy for him, but he was ecstatic. It's nice to see a company that actually changes people's lives. Now it's my turn :)"

Todd Reynolds

17kgs - 6 ½ weeks

"I lost 17kgs in 6 ½ weeks. I am actually a desirable woman now. People are complimenting me on the way I look. I am even having people at the supermarket try to "chat me up". Things have really changed for me in a hurry! Even my friends are using it now!"

Samantha King